Tony Hawk: Ride

Get off the couch and give your thumbs a rest. Tony Hawk: Ride (USD$120) is a new video game starring the godfather of grinds that utilizes a new hands-free skateboard-like controller. The hoverboard-esque controller packs in accelerometers and motion sensors that get you physically involved in the game, letting you skate around, propel yourself, and trick out just as you would on a normal board. Except no helmet or pads required. Tony Hawk: Ride will be available for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Listen to Yourself

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Laws that should exist but don’t.

There are many laws having nothing to do with government that are useful to know because they tell you something about how the universe works. There are Newton’s laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamics, and Boyle’s Law among many. Most of these laws have been known for a long time, but it is time to bring the laws that deserve to be known.

So here are  geeky laws (axioms) that should exist, but don’t … at least, they didn’t until now:

Munroe’s Law: A person in a geeky argument who can quote xkcd to support his position automatically wins the argument.

Tolkien and Rowling’s Law: No reasonably faithful movie adaptation of a book will ever be quite as good as the book it adapts. Thus great movie adaptations can only be made out of truly amazing books. Example, the Harry Potter Series and The Lord Of the Ring.

Savage and Hyneman’s Law: Blowing stuff up is fun. Blowing stuff up in the name of science is AWESOME. The Mythbuster’s guys.

And last but not least…

The Unified Geek Theory: At present, the creator of Microsoft and wealthiest person in the world and the creator of Apple  are  geeks. At the same time, movies based on comic book characters are routinely taking in hundreds of millions of dollars (Dark Knight and Iron Man, just to name a few). The only reasonable conclusion is: Geeks won!

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Superman to the Rescue